Air New Zealand has been ranked the best airline in the world

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PUBLISHED 03 June 2023

.Air New Zealand has been ranked the best airline in the world by

.The rating website cited the airline's Skynest economy beds as one reason for its success., a website for airline safety and product ratings, has named Air New Zealand the finest airline in the entire globe.In order to win the top rank, the airline defeated Qatar Airways, which held it in 2021 and 2022. The new Skynest economy beds from Air New Zealand and the airline's safety record were noted by the website as two factors in the airline's top ranking.

The best airline for economy was Air New Zealand, the best airline for business was Qatar Airways, and the best airline for first-class was Singapore Airlines. The highest-ranking US airline was Delta, which came in at position 15. The finest low-cost airline, according to the rating website, is Southwest in the US and Ryanair in Europe.

"In our objective analysis," stated Geoffrey Thomas, editor-in-chief of, "Air New Zealand came out on top in many key areas, though it was a very close scoring for the top five."

"Like all airlines around the world, Air New Zealand has experienced severe disruptions during and after the pandemic, as well as significant challenges from storms  and cyclones this year," he stated. The airline has handled itself nicely. considers factors such as fleet age, passenger feedback, and profitability. According to the website, the following are the top ten airlines: 


Air New Zealand, or Air NZ, is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. It's the country's national carrier. Air NZ has an average score of 7.6./10 based on 231 reviews on Its recent reviews are mixed.