Addu on Track to Become Maldives' Second Tourism Hub

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PUBLISHED 05 June 2023

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced that the tourism sector in Addu will reach a new chapter upon the completion of the development projects in the city. He made the remark while speaking at the ceremony held to commence the land reclamation project in Addu.

At the ceremony, President Solih highlighted the government's initiatives to enhance tourism in Addu. He noted that the land reclamation and road development projects are being carried out in tandem with the integrated tourism project in Hankede. This project will provide a range of tourism facilities, including integrated resorts, hotels, and guesthouses, to cater to a variety of markets and sectors.

President Solih said that the project is currently in its initial stages and is projected to be completed within two years. Upon completion, the Hankede project and other associated developments will increase Addu's capacity to accommodate 7,000 tourist beds. This will create new tourism opportunities in the region.

In addition, President Solih said that he is committed to opening the Shangri-La Resort in Addu. This resort will be a major boost to the tourism industry in Addu and will benefit the local economy.

President Solih also highlighted the historical significance of the Addu land expansion project. He said that this project is the first step towards making Addu a vibrant global city. He expressed his hope that the land reclamation project will mark the beginning of a transformative journey for Addu.

The development of Addu as a tourism destination is a major priority for the government. The government is committed to investing in the tourism sector in Addu and to providing the necessary infrastructure to support the growth of tourism in the city. The completion of the land reclamation project and other associated developments will be a major milestone in the development of Addu as a tourism destination.