MMPRC Conducts Joint Marketing Campaign with Kompas Tours

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PUBLISHED 24 June 2023

Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), also known as Visit Maldives, has partnered with Kompas Tours for an extensive marketing campaign aimed at promoting the Maldives in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region. This joint initiative, scheduled from April to July 2023, will leverage the native language to enhance the destination's brand and engage the CIS market through a strategic blend of digital and traditional marketing efforts.

Kompas Tours: A Leading Tour Operator in the CIS Region

Kompas Tours, a tour operator with over 17 years of experience in the CIS region, joins forces with MMPRC for this landmark campaign. With a dedicated team of more than 200 seasoned managers, Kompas Tours operates diverse charter programs in popular destinations, arranges tours worldwide, and offers unique experiences within Kazakhstan. Their strong presence in the region ensures extensive outreach for the campaign.

Encompassing Diverse Marketing Channels

The campaign's primary focus is to showcase the captivating sights, sounds, and experiences of the Maldives through a comprehensive range of digital, social media, and outdoor advertising activities. By utilizing various platforms, the content will spotlight the enticing products, memorable experiences, and distinctive segments of the Maldives, with special emphasis on honeymoon and family vacations.


CIS: A Vital Market for Maldives Tourism

The CIS region holds immense significance for the Maldives tourism industry, with Russia consistently ranking among the top source markets in 2023. Last year, MMPRC conducted 16 successful marketing activities exclusively for the CIS market, resulting in 238,951 tourist arrivals. Notably, MMPRC's participation in prestigious events such as Pure Luxury 2023 and the Moscow Dive Show earlier this year has further bolstered their presence in the region. In continuation of their proactive approach, MMPRC has planned numerous marketing initiatives to amplify the destination's visibility and attract more visitors from the CIS region.



The collaboration between MMPRC and Kompas Tours marks an exciting milestone in promoting the Maldives within the CIS market. By leveraging the expertise of Kompas Tours and harnessing the power of digital and traditional marketing, this joint campaign is set to captivate the CIS audience and strengthen the Maldives' position as a premier destination. With a focus on showcasing the beauty, luxury, and diverse offerings of the Maldives, this initiative aims to entice visitors and establish lasting connections with the CIS region's travelers.