Maldives Still a Safe Destination for Tourists, Says British High Commissioner

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PUBLISHED 01 July 2023

In a recent statement, the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom to the Republic of Maldives, Caron Rohsler, emphasized that the recent travel advisory update issued by the United Kingdom applies globally, dispelling the notion that it specifically targets the Maldives. The update serves as a cautionary measure for British tourists traveling to various destinations worldwide.

Addressing the inaccuracies circulating in local media, the High Commissioner took to Twitter to clarify that the travel advisory update issued on June 22 is not exclusive to the Maldives. Instead, it applies to all countries around the world. The UK government's official website also corroborates this information, citing the heightened global risk of terrorism as the reason behind the update.

It is important to note that no specific changes were made regarding the Maldives in the travel advisory update. The country continues to be listed among those with a potential risk of terrorist attacks, especially in areas frequented by tourists. This inclusion in travel advisories issued by various countries, including the UK and the USA, has been consistent over time.

The travel advisory update advises British travelers to exercise caution due to the risk of attacks on places and individuals of British interest in any country worldwide.

By clarifying the global nature of the travel advisory update and dispelling the notion that it singles out the Maldives, the UK High Commissioner seeks to provide accurate information to the public and ensure that British tourists remain cautious when traveling to various destinations across the globe.