FAM Reform Campaign Gains Momentum: Influential Figures Demand Change

  • Maldives
  • Sports
PUBLISHED 01 July 2023

A group of former football leaders has embarked on a bold campaign advocating for sweeping reforms within the Football Association of Maldives (FAM). This call for change follows the intense criticism directed at FAM President Bassam Adil Jalil following the team's disappointing elimination from the SAFF Champions League group stage.

Speaking on behalf of the campaign, a former senior football official unveiled their strategy, which involves engaging with first division and second division clubs to garner their support. However, the official acknowledged that while these clubs recognize the urgent need for FAM reform, they are hesitant to take the lead due to their reliance on the FAM for certain benefits.

"We have initiated discussions with the management of several first division clubs, and although they believe that someone should step up, they currently lack the inclination to assume that role. They acknowledge the necessity for FAM reform but lack the motivation to spearhead the movement," stated the official.

Furthermore, the official expressed confidence that some national team players will rally behind the campaign, pointing to prior conversations that revealed their dissatisfaction with FAM. However, these players are wary of openly endorsing the initiative due to potential repercussions from the national team management, which could jeopardize their playing opportunities. Nonetheless, they share the belief that an individual must step forward to initiate change within FAM.

As discussions and preparations unfold, the campaign is set to gain momentum through various social media platforms in the coming days, ensuring increased visibility for their cause.