Sandal Mauritius Achieves Remarkable Feat, Completes "One Central Park" in Just 2 Years, Delights Apartment Owners with Key Handover

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PUBLISHED 07 July 2023

The long-awaited handover ceremony for the highly anticipated One Central Park flats took place in Hulhumale' today, symbolizing a significant milestone in the island's housing development. Attended by esteemed guests including Planning Minister Mohammed Aslam and Indian Ambassador to the Maldives Munu Mahawar, the event showcased the government's commitment to providing quality housing for all citizens.

Initially announced in 2015, the One Central Park housing project commenced construction in 2021, culminating in the completion of the development after a seven-year endeavor. The ceremonious occasion saw the official transfer of keys to the enthusiastic buyers who eagerly awaited this day.

During his speech, Minister Aslam emphasized the government's belief in ensuring decent housing for every Maldivian, regardless of their income level. He further pledged the government's dedication to implementing similar housing initiatives, catering to individuals from all walks of life, ranging from the wealthiest to the most vulnerable.

Ambassador Mahawar, in his address, highlighted the substantial role played by India in the infrastructural development of the Maldives. He proudly shared that Indian companies are actively engaged in constructing an impressive 4,000 housing units as part of Hulhumale' Phase 2, further enhancing the nation's progress.

The One Central Park housing project, consisting of 120 apartments, offers luxurious living spaces equipped with amenities such as a gymnasium, parking facilities, a versatile multipurpose hall, a children's playground, and even a convenient on-site shop. Each apartment was sold at the price of Rs 2.2 million, making these homes an attractive prospect for residents seeking both comfort and convenience.

With the keys now in the hands of the delighted homeowners, the completion of the One Central Park flats signifies not only the fulfillment of a collective dream for many Maldivians but also a vital step towards bolstering Hulhumale's economy. The project addresses the pressing need for housing while stimulating economic growth on the island, positioning it as a thriving hub in the Maldives.