JP Leader Qasim , the first Political Party Leader to Welcome and Meet Former Minister Ali Waheed

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PUBLISHED 15 July 2023

Mr. Qasim Ibrahim, Chairman of Villa Group and Leader of the Jumhooree Party who have announced his candidacy for the upcoming General Election has met with the former Tourism Minister who has been in exile due to a accusation of sexual harassment case. 

Mr. Ali Waheed who returned few days ago after been in United Kingdom since July 2020 has praised Qasim for his leadership and thank him for meeting as the first political party leader. During his interview after the meeting at Villa Group’s Maamigili International Airport, Mr.Ali Waheed mentioned that Qasim has always been a great help since his days in DRP, he also assured his willingness to take on to podiums as if required to help Qasim in anything he stands for , referring about his support during the presidential campaign for Qasim.

As per Mr.Ali Waheed, his case was politically motivated and was trying to frame him by some members from the ruling party. As of now, all claims against Ali Waheed has been cleared by Supreme Court and there are no pending investigations based on the matter.