Renowned Coach Ali Waheed Joins 'Save FAM' Movement, Strengthening Efforts for Football Reform

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PUBLISHED 15 July 2023

The "Save FAM" campaign, comprising former football players and team officials, is set to hold a national football conference aimed at revitalizing and decentralizing football in the Maldives. With the objective of transforming the current football landscape into a professional league, the campaign seeks to improve the governance system and bring about positive change.

Campaign Aims to Address Shortcomings of Existing Football Governance Structure

In a recent statement, the Football Association of Maldives (FAM) clarified that the "Save FAM" movement is not focused on replacing FAM President Bissam Adil Jalil, but rather on addressing the shortcomings of the existing football governance structure. The movement highlights the need to end secrecy in football management and advocates for transparent efforts to reform the management system in a comprehensive and collaborative manner.

Campaign Seeks to Encourage Decentralization in Maldivian Football

One of the key goals of the "Save FAM" campaign is to encourage the establishment of provincial and regional associations under the FAM, granting provincial clubs the right to participate in decision-making processes within the association. This decentralization approach aims to foster wider participation, representation, and inclusivity in the decision-making processes of the Maldivian football landscape.

Campaign Reaches Out to Ali Waheed for Expertise in Football Development!

The "Save FAM" movement has garnered significant support from former football players, team officials, and enthusiasts who believe in its potential to revive Maldivian football and propel it towards a brighter future. The campaign's efforts to address the current challenges faced by football in the country are seen as crucial steps towards realizing the vision of a more professional and successful football league.

National Football Conference to Create Platform for Stakeholders to Come Together

With the national football conference, the "Save FAM" campaign aims to create a platform for stakeholders to come together, exchange ideas, and collectively work towards implementing necessary reforms. By engaging various voices and perspectives, the campaign aspires to foster an inclusive and collaborative approach to football development in the Maldives.