Solih Pledges to Develop Resort, Housing, and Roads in Kolhufushi

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PUBLISHED 15 July 2023

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih visited Kolhufushi on Saturday as part of his campaign tour of M. Atoll. During his visit, he pledged to develop a resort near the island, as well as 50 housing units, a conservation project, and the roads of the island.

Solih said that the 2004 tsunami had had a devastating impact on Kolhufushi, destroying the island's fishing industry and forcing many residents to seek employment elsewhere. He said that a resort would create much-needed jobs for the people of Kolhufushi, and would also help to boost the island's economy.

The president also said that he would work to develop housing in Kolhufushi, as many of the island's homes are in need of repair. He said that he would also work to conserve the island's natural resources, and to improve the roads.

Solih highlighted the success of three projects that have been completed in Kolhufushi during his current term: the construction of eight additional classrooms and a multi-purpose hall at the M. Atoll Madrasa, the construction of coastal protection structures, and the establishment of a water system.

The president said that it is important to develop all of the islands in the Maldives, regardless of their size or population. He said that it is human nature for people to want to live in the island they are born in, and that it is therefore crucial to provide them with the basic services they need.