President Solih Unveils Tourism Project to Boost V Atoll's Economy

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PUBLISHED 17 July 2023

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced a major tourism project in V Atoll during his presidential campaign. The project, which will include the construction of an airport and tourist infrastructure, is expected to boost the economy of the province and create jobs.

President Solih said that the project will address the lack of air connectivity in V Atoll and facilitate increased accessibility for tourists and investors. He also highlighted the developmental efforts undertaken in Keyodu, where the government has already completed the Keyodu port and inaugurated the school's multipurpose hall.

President Solih said that the project is a reflection of the government's commitment to enhancing economic prospects and improving the well-being of its citizens in the Maldives. He also expressed gratitude to the coalition parties for their role in maintaining peace and stability in the country.

The project is expected to be a major boost for the economy of V Atoll, which currently lacks an airport. The airport will make it easier for tourists to reach the province, and the tourist infrastructure will provide them with more options for accommodations and activities. The project is also expected to create jobs in the tourism sector.

The announcement of the project has been met with positive reactions from the people of V Atoll. They are hopeful that the project will bring economic prosperity to the province and improve their quality of life.

The project is still in the planning stages, and more details will be released in the coming months. However, the announcement has already generated excitement and anticipation among the people of V Atoll. They are eager to see the project come to fruition and reap the benefits that it will bring.