Maldives government to release list of "Gedhoruveriyaa" housing scheme beneficiaries by end of July

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PUBLISHED 19 July 2023

The Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure is working to publicize the list of flat beneficiaries under the “Gedhoruveriyaa” scheme, by the end of July.

The state minister revealed that the government is currently working to publish the list of beneficiaries of housing flats, under the ‘Gedhoruverin’ programme launched by the administration to address the housing crisis facing the residents of the Greater Malé Region.

The planning ministry has revealed that they are currently at the final stage in the process of issuing flats to beneficiaries, under the scheme.

Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC) is currently carrying out the project of building 4,000 housing units in Hulhumalé Phase II as part of the “Gedhoruveriyaa” scheme.

The planning ministry revealed that these housing units will be completed by 2024.

The 4,000 housing units are being constructed by two India-based companies.

Out of these, 2,000 housing units are being constructed at a price tag of USD 137 million by India’s JMC Projects, with the remaining 2,000 having been contracted to India’s NBCC company.

Under the project, 32 towers comprising of 17 or 18 stories, will be constructed. Each of the 32 towers will feature 128 apartments. These include 1,200 two-bedroom apartments and 2,800 three-bedroom apartments.