Amsterdam Takes Step Toward Banning Large Cruise Liners

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PUBLISHED 25 July 2023

Amsterdam has taken a first step toward banning large cruise liners in an effort to reduce mass tourism and pollution. The city council approved a proposed ban on Thursday, and the city's executive branch is now working out the details.

The ban would bring Amsterdam in line with other high-profile European cities, including Barcelona, Dubrovnik, and Venice, that have already cut cruise liner numbers or are considering doing so.

The motivation for the ban is twofold: to reduce the number of tourists in the city and to protect the environment. Cruise ships are a major source of pollution, and they can also contribute to overcrowding in popular tourist destinations.

It is unclear when the ban will be implemented, but it is likely to be several years before it takes effect. In the meantime, the city is working on other measures to reduce tourism, such as discouraging sex and drug-related tourism to the red light district.