'Catch Me If You Can': Hassan Kurusee Account Challenges Government's Efforts to Identify Operator"

  • Maldives
  • Politics
PUBLISHED 03 August 2023

The Criminal Court in Maldives has issued an order to identify the person or group of people that operate the “Hassan Kurusee” account on Twitter. The account has more than 12,000 followers and has been critical of government officials and alleged corruption.

The police have confirmed that they are trying to find out the owner of the account with the court warrant. However, Twitter does not usually reveal private information upon request by governments.

The Hassan Kurusee account has been the subject of speculation on Twitter. Some people believe that it is operated by Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, who was publicly revealed to be behind an unofficial account under the name of “Alex Ahmed.” However, Nasheed has denied this allegation.

The Kurusee account was pro-government early in the administration’s term but now criticizes the government and levels corruption allegations. The account has also been accused of sowing discord and spreading misinformation.

The police have said that the matter is under investigation but not much progress has been made to date.

Fake Twitter accounts have been used recently to promote political ideologies and to campaign and smear opponents. Artificial intelligence has also been used to create deepfake photos of non-existent people.

The case of the Hassan Kurusee account highlights the growing problem of fake Twitter accounts and the potential for them to be used to spread misinformation and undermine democracy.