Maldives Tourism Tax Generates Record Revenue

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PUBLISHED 09 August 2023

The Maldives has surpassed $65 million in Green Fund revenue in the first six months of 2023, according to the Ministry of Finance. The fund, which was established in 2016, collects a $6 tax from each tourist per day spent at a resort or hotel in the Maldives, and a $3 tax from each tourist per day's stay at a guesthouse. The revenue generated from the fund is used to support a variety of environmental projects, including coastal protection, water provisioning, waste management, and sewage infrastructure development.

The Green Fund has been a major success since its inception, and the recent surge in revenue is a testament to the growing commitment of the Maldives to environmental protection. The fund is playing a vital role in helping the Maldives to mitigate the effects of climate change and to preserve its unique natural beauty for future generations