Couples' Haven on Hold: The Deferred Dream of Housing Flats

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PUBLISHED 21 August 2023

In 2015, a visionary plan by the Yameen government aimed to offer housing flats to newly married couples, envisaging the construction of 10,000 flats over five years. Yet, the current administration under President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has put the brakes on this initiative, sparking debates over the necessity of one-room apartments for newlyweds.

Housing Pledge Divide: Dr. Muizzu Challenges Solih's Housing Rejection

Dr. Muizzu, the charismatic PPM-PNC presidential candidate, is not letting the housing issue slide. He's taken a stand against the Solih government's decision, asserting that denying affordable housing to struggling newlyweds is unjust. His promise to recover and deliver the flats disregarded by the incumbent government has ignited discussions on the housing needs of the growing population.

Amidst the backdrop of an escalating housing crisis, Dr. Muizzu's presidential bid is marked by an audacious commitment to provide homes for all. The overlooked housing plan, discarded by the Solih administration, becomes a rallying point for Dr. Muizzu's campaign, as he endeavors to confront the high cost of living and limited land resources that have hindered access to adequate housing.

With a population surge, shrinking land availability, and soaring living expenses, housing has evolved into a pressing concern for Maldivians. Dr. Muizzu's pledge to allocate housing units that were brushed aside by the Solih government speaks to a bold undertaking to address these challenges head-on. The housing-centric agenda positions him as a trailblazer in Maldives' political landscape