Exciting News: Tekkers Unveils Launch of Their Own Academy, Focusing on Futsal Enthusiasts

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PUBLISHED 24 August 2023

In an exhilarating development, Tekkers has made an official announcement about the forthcoming launch of their very own academy. The Tekkers Academy, set to commence on August 26th, is poised to become a hub of sporting passion and skill development. Held at the Kuda Henveiru stadium, practice sessions are scheduled from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM, offering a dynamic start to the day. With just 30 slots left open for registration, interested individuals have a limited opportunity to secure their participation.

For those who aspire to be a part of this exciting venture, registration is the key. Prospective participants can get in touch through the provided contact number, +960 7944222. The best part? As a welcoming gesture, the Academy is offering free participation throughout the month of August, allowing eager learners to experience the program without any financial burden.

The Tekkers Academy is deeply rooted in a core mission: to foster a genuine love for futsal and establish an invaluable platform for young talents to flourish. The program aspires to provide an avenue for budding enthusiasts to nurture their innate skills and work towards achieving excellence on a national scale.

Tekkers, an esteemed organization, has established itself as a catalyst for advancing the sporting landscape across the Maldives. In its relatively short journey since its inception in 2020, Tekkers has orchestrated notable sports events that have captured the nation's attention and participation. Among these prominent endeavors are The Tekkers Greater Male’ Cup, a vibrant competition that celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship within the capital city. The Tekkers Maldives Cup, another remarkable initiative, reflects the organization's commitment to enhancing the sports sector's growth. Additionally, The Tekkers Resort Cup stands as a testament to Tekkers' ambition to engage sports enthusiasts across various settings, fostering camaraderie and competition.

As the Tekkers Academy embarks on its inaugural journey, it holds the promise of igniting passion, honing skills, and ultimately contributing to the thriving sports ecosystem of the Maldives. With the launch just around the corner, the academy is poised to become a pivotal platform for young athletes to kickstart their dreams and ambitions in the realm of futsal.