FIDIC Training Programme in Maldives Helps to Raise Standards in Construction Industry

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PUBLISHED 30 August 2023

The Maldives National Association of Construction Industry (MNACI) and the Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) have awarded certificates to the participants who completed the FIDIC training programme held in the Maldives.

The training programme was held to highlight the principles of FIDIC, which are the root of agreements in the world's construction sector. The programme covered two modules, and the certificates were awarded to the participants who successfully completed both modules.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the training programme, MNACI President Mohamed Ali Janah said that the training was important to help the construction industry in the Maldives adopt international standards and best practices. He also stressed the importance of upholding the principles of FIDIC to eradicate corruption in the sector.

MNACI Secretary General Adnan Haleem said that the training was a joint initiative between the organization and FIDIC, and that the third program of FIDIC would be launched in the near future.