Celebrated Leader President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to Bid Farewell to Politics After Second Term

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PUBLISHED 02 September 2023

In a recent interview on the "Starting" program aired on Rajya TV, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih revealed his plans to retire from politics after his anticipated second term as President. With unwavering confidence in securing a second mandate, President Solih made a decisive announcement that he will no longer engage in political activities following this term.

The President affirmed his commitment to stepping away from the political arena while expressing his intention to engage in volunteer work during his retirement.

Highlighting the remarkable growth of the coalition, President Solih pointed out that it had swelled from 78,000 members at the commencement of his presidential campaign to a projected 90,000 members by the upcoming Saturday's elections. He emphasized that to secure electoral victory, approximately 35,000 additional votes would be required in addition to the party's membership base.

President Solih's political journey commenced in 1994 when he was elected as the Member of Parliament for Faadhippolhu. He went on to serve five consecutive terms, establishing himself as a prominent figure in Maldivian politics. Notably, he secured the presidential ticket in 2018 while leading the party as its prosecutor leader.

This announcement by President Solih sets him apart from his predecessors, as he takes a bold step towards retiring from politics after his second term. Many former Maldivian Presidents have initially announced their retirement, only to re-enter the political arena due to unforeseen circumstances. President Solih's decision signifies a significant moment in Maldivian politics, as the nation anticipates the changes this transition may bring.