Maldives Presidential Candidates Make Bold Promises, But Can They Deliver?

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PUBLISHED 03 September 2023

As the 2023 Maldivian presidential election approaches, the race has become intensely competitive, with candidates vying for voters' support through a plethora of ambitious promises. Yet, it is essential to scrutinize the pragmatism and funding sources behind these pledges.

The manifestos presented by the candidates are teeming with alluring proposals, ranging from the provision of free housing and small loans to the symbolic act of gifting every newborn child. While these commitments undoubtedly sound appealing, they also carry substantial fiscal implications. The Maldives, being a relatively small nation with a finite budget, necessitates a prudent evaluation of these proposals by its discerning electorate.

One of the most prominent and costly promises centers around free housing. The execution of such a pledge would entail constructing an extensive number of new homes—an endeavor of monumental proportions. Moreover, finding the requisite financial backing for this initiative becomes a pivotal concern, potentially involving the consideration of increased taxation or debt acquisition.

Similarly, the offer of small loans holds the potential to invigorate the economy by granting individuals the resources to initiate businesses or invest in their education. However, it is imperative that these loans remain affordable and are utilized judiciously to ensure both sustainability and responsible fiscal management.

The act of gifting every newborn child is a symbolic gesture that underscores an investment in the Maldives' future. Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon the candidates to elucidate the means by which this gesture would be funded and sustained.

Ultimately, the responsibility rests with the Maldivian electorate to discern which candidate's promises align most convincingly with the nation's financial realities and long-term well-being. By diligently appraising the platforms presented by the candidates, voters can make informed decisions that will shape the trajectory of their beloved country.