A New Look for Hospitality: Beards and Long Hair as a Symbol of Professionalism

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PUBLISHED 07 September 2023

The hospitality industry is known for its focus on providing excellent customer service. This includes the way that employees look and present themselves. In the past, there was a strict grooming standard in the hospitality industry that required employees to be clean-shaven and have short hair. However, this trend is changing as more and more businesses are realizing that beards and long hair do not necessarily mean that an employee is unprofessional.

Leading hospitality brands, such as the Ritz-Carlton, Marriott International, and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, have all revised their grooming policies to allow beards and long hair, as long as they are well-groomed and tidy. This shift reflects the changing attitudes towards beards and long hair in society, as well as the growing recognition that these styles can be professional and stylish.

Of course, there are still some resorts that do not allow beards and long hair. These businesses may have concerns about hygiene, safety, or they may simply be following traditional grooming standards. However, the trend is clearly moving towards greater acceptance of beards and long hair in the hospitality industry.

There are several advantages to allowing employees to have beards and long hair. First, it can boost employee morale. When employees are allowed to express themselves through their appearance, they are more likely to feel comfortable and confident in their work. Second, it can elevate customer service. Guests are more likely to be impressed by well-groomed employees, regardless of their grooming style. Third, it can help to attract and retain top talent. In today's competitive job market, businesses need to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Allowing employees to have beards and long hair can be one way to do that.