Global Infrastructure Conference: Industry Leaders Share Insights on Persuading Politicians to Invest Wisely

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PUBLISHED 12 September 2023

At the prestigious opening day of the FIDIC 110th Global Infrastructure Conference, Mohamed Ali Janah, Chairman of Hotels and Resort Construction Pvt Ltd in the Maldives, took center stage as a distinguished speaker and panelist. The session, aptly titled "Persuading the Politicians – Getting the Industry's Message Across," delved into the critical issue of how the infrastructure industry can effectively engage with politicians and influential opinion leaders to advocate for much-needed infrastructure investment.

Janah's impactful contribution revolved around the pivotal role of building relationships with politicians and government officials. He underscored the importance of furnishing them with succinct and transparent information regarding the myriad benefits of infrastructure investment. Furthermore, Janah emphasized the necessity of collaborative efforts to identify solutions that are not only effective but also budget-conscious.

This insightful session featured a stellar lineup of industry luminaries, including Kwasi Amoako-Attah, the Minister of Roads and Highways of Ghana; Timothy Murphy, the CEO & President of McMillan LLP; and Ines Ferguson, representing TYPSA and holding the esteemed position of President of EFCA. Guiding the discussion with finesse was Anthony Barry, FIDIC's President, alongside the accomplished Helen Davidson.

The gathering served as a beacon for the infrastructure sector, offering a platform for leaders to exchange ideas and strategies on making the case for increased investment. Mohamed Ali Janah's compelling insights, alongside those of other distinguished speakers, illuminated the path toward a future of enhanced infrastructure development. The FIDIC 110th Global Infrastructure Conference set the stage for transformative change in infrastructure investment, where collaboration and advocacy converge for a brighter, more robust future.