Hassan Kurusi's 70% Mandate Call: A Bid to Uproot Indian Military in Maldives

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PUBLISHED 12 September 2023

Ahead of the runoff election in the Maldives, Hassan Kurusi, a fictional character who describes themselves as a representation of an ideology rather than an individual, has called for a 70% mandate to remove the Indian military from the country. Kurusi's call has been met with mixed reactions, but it appears to have resonated with some voters, as Dr. Muizz, the opposition candidate, has made the removal of the Indian military a key plank of his campaign.

Muizz is currently leading the polls, but he needs to win by a margin of at least 10% in order to avoid a second runoff election. If Muizz is successful, it will be a major victory for Kurusi and his supporters. It will show that there is a significant appetite for change in the Maldives, and that voters are willing to support candidates who are committed to removing the Indian military from the country