Presidential Candidate Dr. Mohammed Muizzu Commits to Refunding Shelter Flat Costs and Waiving Fines for Social Housing Units

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PUBLISHED 13 September 2023

Dr. Mohammed Muizzu, the presidential candidate of the Maldivian Progressive Party (PPM), has unveiled a significant pledge to reimburse citizens for the expenses incurred in the completion of shelter flats (finishing cost)constructed under the previous government's initiative in HulhuMale 2.

This announcement was made during a rally held in HulhuMale 2. Muizzu acknowledged that attempts were made to demolish these flats, but feasibility issues prevented it. Consequently, the decision was reached to retain the existing structures.

Furthermore, Muizzu vowed to waive fines related to social housing units across all atolls in the Maldives. This policy shift was prompted by the challenges faced by citizens in meeting their rent obligations due to escalating commodity prices.

Muizzu emphasized that, if elected president, he would prioritize the implementation of these measures. He expressed a profound understanding of the difficulties confronting the populace and affirmed his unwavering commitment to alleviating their burdens.

The crowd in HulhuMale 2 responded with exuberance, offering resounding cheers in appreciation of Muizzu's dedicated pledge to support the welfare of the people.