Tom McLoughlin Unveils EkaniFushi Maldives: The Future of Island Resorts

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PUBLISHED 17 September 2023

A Rare Gem in the Maldives: 140-Hectare Lagoon Island for Sale at $14 Million

Nestled in the heart of the Maldives, an extraordinary opportunity beckons as a pristine jewel emerges—a sprawling island boasting a 140-hectare lagoon, perfectly poised in the North Male Atoll. Now available for acquisition, this exceptional offering provides visionary developers with a blank canvas to create a haven of luxury amidst the serene Indian Ocean.

Priced at a mere $14 million, this island represents an unparalleled investment opportunity for those seeking to fashion a world-class resort catering to the desires of discerning travelers. Located in the North Male Atoll, it offers proximity to the capital's cultural and entertainment attractions while preserving the coveted exclusivity and seclusion cherished by Maldives visitors.

With its expansive lagoon, the possibilities are limitless—envision overwater villas, thrilling water sports, and impactful marine conservation initiatives. Furthermore, consider the potential to immerse guests in the rich tapestry of Maldivian culture, cuisine, and the pristine beauty of their natural surroundings.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire a unique slice of paradise in one of the world's most coveted destinations. For visionary developers and resort operators, the opportunity to redefine luxury hospitality in the Maldives has arrived.


For over two decades, Tom McLoughlin has been a driving force in the Maldivian tourism industry. His expertise lies in seamlessly integrating innovation, luxury, and sustainability. As the founder of W,T.F. Maldives, he has been instrumental in conceiving, managing, and developing some of the most iconic resorts in the region.

One of McLoughlin's key strengths lies in identifying potential cost inefficiencies incurred by owners due to third parties not heeding local expertise. This encompasses both monetary and temporal costs, including delays in project openings or even, in severe cases, the necessity for reconstruction or early replacements post-opening.

Having collaborated with numerous international architects, interior designers, project consultants, and project management firms, McLoughlin possesses extensive experience in navigating the complexities of the industry. He stands apart for his unwavering commitment to ethical practices, never having accepted nor will accept kickbacks.

McLoughlin's track record extends to asset management and advisory services for Maldives Resort Islands, serving both owners and financial institutions. He has introduced renowned management companies to the Maldives market, including Naiade (now Lux), Starwood W, Jumeriah, Minor International, and Dusit International.

As General Manager, McLoughlin has overseen the operations of esteemed resorts such as Hilton Rangali (now Conrad Maldives), Dhoni Mighli, Huvafen Fushi, Velaa Private Island, Dusit Thani, Amilla Fushi, Finolhu, Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi, Siyam World, and Sun Siyam Resorts. His expertise extends to conceptualizing innovative resort concepts, including the groundbreaking Water World Resort and All Over Water Resort concepts.

A testament to his dedication, McLoughlin has been involved in the sale of two resort islands, Ari Beach to Naiade/Lux for $20 million and Mudhdhoo to Dusit for an impressive $80 million.

Now, Tom McLoughlin is taking his visionary approach even further with the concept of EkaniFushi Maldives, promising to redefine the luxury resort experience once again.

Notably, McLoughlin's approach transcends mere consultation. He is a value-addition partner, focused on cost-saving measures and profit delivery. His wealth of experience encompasses various roles including General Manager, Resort Island Conceptualist, Owners' On-Island Representative, Resort Construction Oversight, Group Resort Management, and Island Real Estate Transactions.

Currently residing in the Maldives, McLoughlin is deeply passionate about the islands, harmonizing local practices with international standards. His journey began with Hilton International in 2000, where he assumed the role of Island Chief General Manager for Maldives Hilton Rangali (now Conrad) under the Crown Company.

For those seeking visionary leadership in the development of iconic Maldivian island resorts, Tom McLoughlin stands as a distinguished figure, dedicated to crafting exceptional experiences that endure in memory and practice