President Solih Proposes Free Scholarships and Reduced Hours for Maldives Resort Employees

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PUBLISHED 27 September 2023

In a bid to bolster the tourism sector, Presidential candidate from the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih, has promised to advocate for enhanced work conditions for tourism employees. During a campaign address in preparation for the upcoming second round of the presidential election, President Solih emphasized the pivotal role played by resort workers in sustaining the industry.

Acknowledging the significant contributions made by these employees, President Solih held discussions with senior tourism officials, highlighting both the commendable aspects of the sector and areas for potential refinement. He expressed contentment over recent decisions regarding minimum wage and overtime allowances, underscoring their positive impact on the workforce. Additionally, an advisory committee, comprising resort owners and tour operators, has been instituted within the Ministry of Tourism to ensure a comprehensive approach to industry concerns.

One of President Solih's key proposals involves a reduction in the standard working hours from 48 to 40 per week, alongside granting two days off to tourism workers. He assured that consultations with resort owners would be held to find a mutually agreeable resolution, much like the successful negotiation of the minimum wage.

To address issues surrounding senior positions within resorts, President Solih also unveiled plans for a scholarship scheme aimed at training local talent for positions, including those up to the level of general managers. This strategic initiative seeks to further empower individuals and fortify the industry with skilled, homegrown professionals.

These proposed measures reflect President Solih's commitment to fostering a robust and sustainable tourism sector, bolstering employment opportunities, and enhancing the overall well-being of those integral to the industry's success