Maldives University Hosts Creative Island Forum for Digital Industry Growth

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PUBLISHED 07 November 2023

The Maldives National University (MNU) recently played host to the highly anticipated Creative Island Forum, a momentous occasion focused on fostering the growth of knowledge economies in small island developing states. The two-day event commenced at the esteemed Manhattan Business Hotel on Tuesday morning, signifying the beginning of a truly enlightening and collaborative gathering.

During the inauguration ceremony, Shehenaz Adam, the esteemed Deputy Vice Chancellor of MNU, expressed the university's profound gratitude for being chosen as the privileged host of this prestigious forum. Fully aware of the event's significance, she emphasized MNU's sense of honor and responsibility in actively contributing to the development of knowledge economies in countries like the Maldives.

The keynote address, delivered by the accomplished associate professor, Peter Rudge, from Staffordshire University, evoked enthusiastic responses from the audience. Dr. Rudge's impassioned speech shed light on the imperative need to cultivate a robust digital industry in nations highly reliant on tourism, such as the Maldives. While wholeheartedly acknowledging the tourism sector's undeniable success, he emphasized the importance of diversifying the economy by artfully blending the tourism and digital sectors.

The overarching objective of the Creative Island Forum was to drive economic diversification in countries that heavily depend on a single sector. The comprehensive range of topics discussed during the engaging two-day event encompassed stimulating the development of the creative economy in the Maldives, nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, and delving into the realms of digital transformation and financing opportunities for entrepreneurship in small island developing states.

The Creative Island Forum served as a captivating platform, showcasing a plethora of wisdom, expertise, and innovative ideas from distinguished industry leaders, notable speakers, and enthusiastic participants. Attendees ardently engaged in fruitful discussions, sharing invaluable best practices, and strategically brainstorming ways to harness the immense potential of the digital industry while simultaneously complementing the existing tourism sector.

This vibrant and dynamic event was instrumental in facilitating meaningful knowledge exchange, fostering collaboration, and nurturing enduring partnerships. The invaluable insights gained during the forum are poised to guide nations like the Maldives towards a more diversified and resilient economy, thereby empowering them to navigate future challenges with unwavering confidence.

In conclusion, the Creative Island Forum emerged as an unequivocal success, leaving an indelible impact on participants and igniting a renewed sense of optimism for the future of small island developing states. These nations now stand poised to wholeheartedly embrace the digital age, skillfully leveraging their unique strengths to forge a path toward progress and prosperity