Ministry Defends Fair Allocation of 4,000 Flats Amidst Political Controversy

  • Maldives
  • Politics
PUBLISHED 08 November 2023

The Ministry of National Planning, Housing, and Infrastructure (MNPHI) has defended the fair allocation of 4,000 flats by stating that they were awarded justly to deserving recipients. Senior Executive Director Mohamed Arif dismissed claims of political influence in the selection process, emphasizing that the flats were not given to individuals owning significant land in Male' or those who previously received Hiyaa flats. Arif clarified that complaints about the duration of residence in Male' were not valid, and applicants were evaluated based on points assigned according to the information provided on their forms. State Minister Akram Kamaluddeen assured a thorough review of complaints and pledged to rectify any wrongful allocations. The ministry emphasized that efforts to portray the allocation process as unjust were politically motivated and aimed at defaming the government. The Anti-Corruption Commission has been provided with all relevant information and documents regarding the allocation process.