Crafting Luxury and Sustainability: A Conversation with Hospitality Maestro, Philippe Cavory

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PUBLISHED 11 November 2023 recently had the pleasure of engaging in a conversation with Philippe who is a seasoned general manager boasting over 30 years of experience in global hospitality management. Philippe's illustrious career spans the opening of luxury properties, cruise ships, and even a luxury train. Having worked across diverse countries and cultures, Philippe brings a unique perspective to the hospitality industry.

Key Insights into Successfully Opening and Managing Diverse establishments:

When probed about the key elements crucial for the successful management of diverse establishments, Philippe shared invaluable insights:

Clear Vision and Strategy: A crystalline vision coupled with a well-defined strategy is paramount. This involves identifying the target market, developing a competitive advantage, and curating a distinctive guest experience.

Empower the Team: A robust team is the backbone of any successful hospitality venture. Philippe emphasizes empowering team members, granting them autonomy in decision-making and problem-solving.

Adaptability and Flexibility: Given the ever-evolving nature of the hospitality industry, adaptability and flexibility are imperative. Philippe consistently seeks innovative ways to enhance the guest experience and stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

How International Experience Shapes His Approach:

Philippe’s international journey has profoundly influenced his management approach. It has provided him with a profound understanding of diverse cultures and guest’s expectations. Additionally, it has bestowed upon him a global perspective on the intricacies of the hospitality industry and a network of invaluable contacts worldwide.

Opening and Managing The Chedi Ninghai:

Philippe notable accomplishment includes managing the 6-star resort, The Chedi Ninghai, in China. Playing a pivotal role in its opening, he transformed it into one of China's most acclaimed luxury resorts. The secret to its success, as per Philippe, lies in a focus on authenticity and immersion, reflecting local culture and heritage, and emphasis on trainings, which he discovered through his 14 openings spanning 4 continents.

Strategies Leading to Recognition and Awards:

In 2021, The Chedi Ninghai earned prestigious accolades, including:

World Luxury Hotel Awards: Best Luxury New Hotel

World Travel Awards: China's Leading New Resort

Philip attributes these honors to the resort's commitment to excellence across service, food and beverage, the facilities, and providing great and attentive services.

Revamping and looking at the details:

Philip's success extends to turning around underperforming resorts, exemplified by the revitalization of its last resort in Vietnam. Key strategies included:

Revenue Management: Implementation of a new system optimizing pricing and distribution.

Cost Control: Introducing cost-cutting measures without compromising guest experience.

Marketing and Sales Enhancement: Focus on improving the resort's marketing and sales efforts.

Advice for Owners and Developers of Unfinished Resorts:

Given current challenges, Philip provides advice for those navigating the hurdles of unfinished resorts:

Patience: Realistic expectations and patience are crucial in completing and opening a new resort.

Flexibility: Adaptability and flexibility in plans are essential.

Team Collaboration: Work with experienced professionals for success in the hospitality industry.

Wine and Spirits Influence on F&B Approach:


Philip's background in wine and spirits significantly shaped his approach to food and beverage operations. He considers F&B an integral part of the guest experience, meticulously selecting wines and spirits to complement the resort's cuisine.

Balancing Luxury with Sustainable Practices:

With expertise spanning luxury projects, F&B, and construction, Philippe advocates for a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainable practices. He believes in delivering a luxurious guest experience without compromising environmental responsibility.