President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu Unveils Bold Plans for Media: Special Media Village and Scholarships to Transform the Sector

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PUBLISHED 14 November 2023

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has announced groundbreaking initiatives aimed at revitalizing the media landscape in the Greater Male' Region. Speaking at a gathering with journalists and media professionals at the Social Centre in Male' City, Dr. Muizzu addressed the pressing challenges faced by the industry.

Acknowledging the hurdles confronted by media organizations, Dr. Muizzu highlighted issues such as exorbitant rental costs, training constraints for journalists, and financial burdens on newsrooms. In response, he assured the audience that his administration would provide equitable and transparent solutions to these challenges.

"Media outlets shouldn't be burdened by exorbitant operational costs. While this won't be resolved overnight, my commitment is to develop a comprehensive plan, including the establishment of a dedicated media village in Male'," stated President-elect Muizzu. He further pledged to create opportunities for journalists to enhance their skills through free scholarships and to allocate financial assistance to media outlets in the upcoming state budget.

Moreover, Dr. Muizzu emphasized the importance of transparency in his administration, promising easier access to information for the media. As a testament to this commitment, he revealed plans to publish a book containing his speeches from the presidential campaign, providing insight into his vision for the nation.

The announcement signals a significant step towards fostering a thriving media sector under Dr. Muizzu's leadership, as he sets out to address longstanding challenges and usher in a new era of transparency and support for journalism in the Maldives.