UN Relief Chief Appeals to Israel with 10-Point Plan to Curb Impacts of Conflict with Gaza

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PUBLISHED 16 November 2023

The UN relief chief, Martin Griffiths, appealed to Israel to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing. Griffiths emphasized the importance of using Kerem Shalom as a crossing point for aid, pointing out that it had previously been responsible for transporting over 60% of truckloads heading to Gaza before the conflict.

In addition to the appeal for humanitarian aid, Griffiths unveiled a 10-point plan aimed at curbing the impact of the conflict in Gaza. Some key points include urging the warring parties to allow the UN and other humanitarian organizations access to fuel, facilitating the continuous flow of aid convoys, and ensuring that humanitarian organizations can deliver aid throughout Gaza without impediment or interference.

Griffiths also highlighted the need to expand the number of safe shelters for displaced people in schools and public facilities across Gaza. He emphasized the importance of improving a humanitarian notification mechanism to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure from hostilities. Other points in the plan involve setting up relief distribution hubs for civilians and allowing them to move to safer areas while also having the option to voluntarily return to their residences.

Furthermore, Griffiths mentioned his meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, expressing concern about the potential expansion of the war into the north and the possibility of a regional conflict involving Hezbollah and Israel. He emphasized the severity of such a scenario and suggested that it would surpass the challenges faced in Gaza. Griffiths and Amirabdollahian reportedly shared the view that such expansion would not be a positive development.