Over $32,000 Donated by MWSC to MRC Relief Funds for Palestine

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PUBLISHED 18 November 2023

The ongoing attacks on the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces have caused the deaths of over 11,300 civilians. Over 0.5% of Gaza’s population of 2 million. Food and basic resources are scarce, with humanitarian groups negotiating relief provision for the remaining Gazan population. The Maldivian Red Crescent (MRC) has played an active role in gathering funding and resources to aid Palestine on behalf of the Maldives during this time through their emergency relief fund.

Male’ Water and Sewerage Corporation (MWSC) has donated over $32,000 to the MRC emergency fund in light of this ongoing humanitarian crisis. The fund was initiated in October, in the beginning of the recent attacks - receiving donations from individuals and corporations countrywide – however, it was temporarily discontinued before reopening to accommodate additional funding from corporations and firms.

The Managing Director of MWSC, Hassan Shah, personally delivered the donation. During the ceremony, MWSC expressed solidarity with the Palestinian citizens, emphasizing its commitment to extending financial assistance and aid to those impacted by the continuing crisis in the Gaza Strip.