The Historic Male’ City Gadiburu Makes A Comeback

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PUBLISHED 18 November 2023

One of Male’ city’s most iconic landmarks – the Gadiburu was once a tall clock tower located in the middle of the busy streets of the city. After being demolished and absent from the hustle and bustle of Male’ for several years, the historic landmark is once again making a comeback with a modern twist.

Staying true to its roots of Islamic design, featuring the dome atop the four clocks on each side, the Gadiburu has incorporated some modern touches with LED panels around the tower displaying eye-catching scenes to enthrall passersby.

The reconstruction of this landmark was undertaken by Rasheed Carpentry and Construction (RCC) as part of a CSR initiative by an undisclosed company. Former Male’ City Councilor Adam Rameez stated the City Council did not invest in the project. He also mentioned that the project cost an estimated MVR 1 million.

The reopening of this historic landmark is scheduled for tonight – 18th November 2023 – and the landmark will continue to light up the junction of Fareedhee Magu, Fandiyaaru Magu, Orchid Magu and Funa Goalhi thereafter.