Dhiraagu Announces Major Partnership with Maldives Media Council for 'Journalism Awards 2023 – Powered by Dhiraagu

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PUBLISHED 25 November 2023

Dhiraagu, a leading telecommunications company, has proudly declared its role as the primary partner for the upcoming Journalism Awards 2023, organized by the Maldives Media Council (MMC). This annual event serves as a platform to honor and celebrate outstanding achievements in journalism within the Maldives, recognizing the vital contributions made by journalists to enhance and uplift the local media industry.

Scheduled for November 25, 2023, the 'Journalism Awards 2023 – Powered by Dhiraagu' will showcase excellence in print, broadcast, and digital journalism across various categories, including feature reporting, investigative journalism, sustainable development, and social reporting, among others.

Dhiraagu's commitment to supporting initiatives that contribute to industry excellence and enhance the lives of the people in the Maldives is underscored by this significant partnership. The event is set to culminate in the announcement of winners from 12 diverse categories, with the prestigious 'Journalist of the Year' award to be decided through voter SMS.

The nominees for the highly coveted 'Journalist of the Year' award include:

  • Ali Yaamin – One Online

  • Ahmed Naaif – Dhauru

  • Asima Nizar – Mihaaru

  • Laisa Ahmed – Raajje TV

As the Maldives anticipates this grand celebration of journalistic prowess, Dhiraagu's sponsorship ensures a momentous occasion that not only recognizes excellence but also propels the growth and development of the local media landscape.