Did You Know That Maldives' Foreign Service Institute (FOSIM) Is Shaping Tomorrow's Diplomats with Comprehensive Training Programs?

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PUBLISHED 25 November 2023

In a transformative move, the Maldives Foreign Service Institute (FOSIM) has emerged as a dynamic hub of learning and development, playing a pivotal role in cultivating a highly skilled cadre of Foreign Service Officers. Established under the mandate of the Foreign Service Act, FOSIM's diverse range of programs is geared towards building a professional foreign service that aligns with the foreign policy objectives of the Maldives.

FOSIM Programme Highlights:

  1. Lecture Series:

    FOSIM's Lecture Series, featuring influential local figures, sparks dialogues on regional and global issues among the Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff. It serves as a knowledge-sharing platform fostering an understanding of critical diplomatic matters.

  2. Distinguished Speaker Series:

    The Distinguished Speaker Series brings seasoned diplomats and experts to share their insights on diplomacy, international development, climate change, human rights, and sustainable development. These sessions provide a unique perspective on global affairs.

  3. Orientation Programme for New Staff:

    FOSIM's comprehensive Orientation Programme equips new recruits with essential knowledge on foreign policy, bilateral and multilateral relations, commercial diplomacy, consular relations, and protocol etiquettes. It ensures a well-rounded understanding of the Ministry's core functions.

  4. Skills Development Programme:

    An ongoing initiative, the Skills Development Programme hones the essential skills required by Foreign Service Officers. It is designed to enhance their capabilities, ensuring they excel in their diplomatic roles.

  5. Stakeholder Awareness Session:

    Collaborating with government institutions, FOSIM conducts awareness sessions covering protocol and etiquette, consular issues, diplomatic immunities, international conventions, and other areas crucial for effective diplomatic engagement.

  6. Outreach Programme:

    FOSIM's School Outreach Programme aims to create awareness among public school children and government institutions about Maldives' foreign policy and priority issues. It seeks to inspire the youth to consider a career in the foreign service.

  7. Briefing Programs for Ambassadors:

    Ambassador Briefing Programs are instrumental in orienting Ambassadors and High Commissioner designates. Covering diplomatic practices, foreign policy, commercial diplomacy, consular issues, and more, these programs equip diplomats with the knowledge needed to navigate complex international relations.

  8. Knowledge Sharing Forum:

    An ongoing initiative, the Knowledge Sharing Forum facilitates the exchange of knowledge and skills acquired through training opportunities and workshops. This forum enhances collaboration and ensures that the Ministry's staff stays abreast of the latest diplomatic practices.

FOSIM's commitment to excellence in diplomatic training positions it as a crucial institution shaping the future of Maldives' diplomatic endeavors. Through its diverse and comprehensive programs, FOSIM is not only preparing diplomats for the challenges of today but also cultivating leaders for tomorrow's global stage.