Nasheed Exits From Politics

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PUBLISHED 13 December 2023

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has declared his intention to step away from politics for the next few years. This announcement came through a statement released on Tuesday, where Nasheed, the inaugural democratically elected President of the Maldives, underscored his pivotal role in establishing and advancing multi-party democracy in the country over a political career spanning more than three decades.

Currently serving as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Central Mahchangolhi, Nasheed also disclosed his decision to forego candidacy in the upcoming parliamentary elections set for early next year. Throughout his political odyssey, Nasheed asserted his staunch advocacy for islamic values, human rights, freedom of expression, and press freedom. He expressed confidence that these values have become engrained in society to a certain extent.

Reflecting on his political journey, Nasheed, who also held the position of Speaker of Parliament, recounted the adversities he encountered, including imprisonment, seperation from family, and life-threatening situations such as a bomb attack, which appeared to be an attempt on his life.

Nasheed underscored his dedication to public service during his tenures as President and Speaker of Parliament, citing his efforts to ensure social protection and establish a robust tax system. However, he voiced concerns regarding the state's financial accountability and the ongoing struggle against corruption. 

Looking to the future, the former President expressed optimism for future generations to carry on the work of ensuring government and leadership accountability. He also highlighted the contributions of environmental conservation, expressing satisfaction with the passage and ratification of numerous environmental protection laws during his political career. Nasheed expressed concern about the environmental impact of certain development activities on lagoons and reefs. 

In the concluding remarks of his statement, Nasheed revealed his acceptance of the role of Secretary General of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), an international coalition of countries highly susceptible to the impacts of global warming. Formed in 2009 with the participation of 11 countries, including the Maldives, the CVF has expanded its membership to 68 countries. Nasheed believes that this new role will allow him to serve the Maldives and its people more comprehensively and effectively. He concluded his statement by expressing gratitude to all those who supported him throughout his political career.