Hankede Integrated Tourism Development Project Launched

  • Maldives
PUBLISHED 15 April 2024

The foundation stone of the Hankede Integrated Tourism Development Project has been laid in a event held in Addu City. The project was officiated by the Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusaan. This initiative marks as the biggest project targetting the development of the tourism sector within the city. The project worth USD 142.9 million, aims to pave a road for Addu City to be developed sustainably, in addition to bringing advancements to the tourism industry.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Ihusaan observed the launch of the project was a long-awaited vision of the residents of Addu City, noting that the practical work of the project will commence in two weeks. The minister stated that this project will enhance employment prospects, creating 3,000 job opportunities.

The project was entrusted by the Maldives Fund Management Corporation to China National Electric Engineering Company (CNEEC). The pertaining agreements signed by the companies on March 23, 2023, outlines the development of the project through engineering, procurement, and constructions required.

Providing an insight on the project, Maldives Fund Management Corporation revealed that the Hankeda project will have the capacity to accommodate 2,082 beds along with 1,041 rooms. It further disclosed that a variety of hotels of different standards will be established under the project. This encompasses of two grand hotels, two deluxe hotels, ten boutique hotels, 64 serviced apartments and seven beach villas. Several additional facilities will be provided under the project, including a knowledge centre, mix sport building, outdoor beach sports, theatre and other such entertainment facilities. Building will also be developed designated for food courts, restaurants and small firms.

The project will undoubtedly serve as a transformative endeavour to the entire city, bringing revolutionary changes to the tourism sector as well.