Bunkering services to be introduced in Laamu atoll Gaadhoo

  • Maldives
PUBLISHED 12 April 2024

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) CEO Mohamed Wajeeh Ibrahim has stated that the bunkering services to be introduced in Laamu Atoll Gaadhoo will be a project that brings new change and development to the entire atoll.

A ceremony was held on Thursday to sign an agreement with China's CAMCE to begin bunkering services in Gaadhoo during President Dr Mohamed Muizzu's ongoing trip to the atoll.

Wajeeh said that this project from amongst the initiatives in President Dr Muizzu's economic agenda is proof that he has considered the country's economy to a level that no other recent President has.

MPL's CEO described the Maldives as having been blessed with two main features: white sandy beaches and the key geographical location of the country. He claims that the latter blessing has been left so far untapped into.

Wajeeh assured that while three ports are being built across the country, MPL will ensure to proceed the work at 'the President's speed'. Hence, the projects will be completed and the ports in operation before the end of President Dr Muizzu's term.

"I am certain that as each of these projects are completed, customers will come with complete confidence," Wajeeh stated.

Gaadhoo Maritime Hub:

Off-shore bunkering: Wajeeh said that there will be profit in dollars with bunkering services being provided to all vessels travelling through Maldivian territories

Cruise Terminal: There is currently no cruise terminal to provide services to passenger liners that visit Maldives. Hence this will be developed with cafe's and restaurants in a way that will provide economic benefits

Super Yacht Marina: At the moment, there are no facilities to provide services to yachts.

Eco-resort: an environmentally friendly resort. As this is an area known for turtle habitation, turtle conservation efforts will be carried out here

Storage Facility: arrangements will be made for providing storage for food items

Transshipment Port: While many business transactions are conducted within Maldives' territory, the nation does not get any benefit from this. Hence, arrangements will be made in a manner where Maldives also gets benefits from this multi-billion dollar business

Wajeeh said that as soon as work is completed, services will commence here. He further revealed that MPL staff are already engaged in marketing the place.

Additionally, he noted that the project would provide approximately 2000 employment opportunities for the youth of Laamu atoll.