MDP must remain in power for 10 more years - Nasheed

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PUBLISHED 23 January 2022

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has said that many of the things introduced by MDP are benefiting the people, but that the necessary changes have not yet been brought to the Maldives.

Speaking at a campaign event held in Foakaidhoo last night, Nasheed said the Maldives has undergone a positive change during president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration. He said that this was a "free degree" program. He also said that 54 students from Foakaidhoo are studying under the programme and that the island is studying up to grade 12.

"You will be winning in the coming years, you will be expanding. Our job is to always formulate policies that will enable you to achieve this prosperity," said Nasheed.

MDP has always worked to increase the income of the people, for example by establishing a minimum wage in the Maldives. He also said that the number of people who would benefit from the change would be as high as the number of people who would benefit from the change. He also said that the income of the people of Foakaidhoo has doubled.

He also said that it was the work of a generation to bring about the change and that it would not be changed by a single vote. He also said that mdp policies must be implemented to change the country and improve the general condition of the people.

The party has also held a meeting in Komandoo, the main island of komandoo constituency, to campaign for MDP candidate Rashid in the by-election. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih also attended the function.

He was also scheduled to visit Foakaidhoo this evening. However, he was unable to travel to Foakaidhoo after being placed being placed in isolation since tested positive for COVID-19. The function held in Foakaidhoo last night was attended by senior officials of MDP, except the President.